Bird in Bag

We created Bird in Bag to deliver surprises. We want each of our customer to be surprised when receiving our product. We believe well designed & well made fashion bags shouldn't be expensive at all given the evolution in manufacturing and logistics procedures. Over the years, we have engaged heavily into cutting the price down by leveraging modern technologies while still maintain product quality and customer satisfaction.

High Quality Standards

We pay great attention on selecting our products as well as supplier to make sure we are providing the best options for our customers. Before shipping, we carefully inspect each product to ensure its quality.


Majority of our products are sourced from Asia. We carefully inspect each of our manufacturer to ensure that they are committed to only hire ethic labor force and have a comfortable working environment. This is a hard requirement for any factories that work with us.


Here at Qteee, we are committed to protecting our planet. All materials used in our products and manufacturing process are not harmful to our environment.


We always keep everything as transparent as possible even with the product pricing. We value the happiness and the surprises of our customers a lot more than making unwarranted profit. We want you to be satisfied.

We are here only because of you

If you have any questions about our products or you just simply want to chat, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Bird in Bag™ is proudly a subsidiary of the OrcaJump Group.

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